General information

Our Service is free of charge and publicly available. The Service Owner charges no fee for using the Service, reviewing the business records and updating business information. Some extra features that will be introduced in the future may be paid.

The Service Owner holds no responsibility for the Users’ content added to their business records. The Service Administrator will endeavor to ensure that the information provided by Users is compliant with the law.

Adding business records to the Database

In order to add a new business record, the User must fill in the Registration Form and provide all the required information, i.e.:

  • company name,

  • company address,

  • contact information,

  • business categories,

  • company's short description,

  • listing company’s main products and services,

  • listing important key words.

In order to complete the registration process successfully, the User must accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the right button on the Registration Form.

To register a new business record, the User must be the owner of the company or have the authorization to act on the owner's behalf.

The User can register one company to maximum one business category within our Database. Assigning more than one category to one company will result in deleting the business record.

By completing the Registration Form, the User sends a request to the Administrator to add a new business record.

Editing business records

The User can access a company’s profile and edit the information on the business record. Each company registered in our Database has the right to delete its business record and all the information provided. In order to do so, it is necessary to contact the Service Administrator.

Personal data processing

The User remains the Owner of his or her personal data that he or she shares with the Service Administrator. By clicking the right button with a mouse during the registration process and sharing personal data with the Service Administrator, the User agrees that the Service Administrator may use the data for the Service internal purposes to improve website efficiency, to monitor website traffic and make the page more intuitive.

We process personal data according to the GDPR of The European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

The User shares the personal data voluntarily and has the right to at any time access and modify the data.

Registering a company in our Database is equivalent to making a statement: “I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the contact forms to be processed and used by the Service for marketing purposes”.

The Service Administrator holds no responsibility for the content uploaded by the Users, or the ads displayed on the website, as well as for any links redirecting the User to a different, third-party webpage.

Final provisions

The Service Administrator reserves the right to remove a business record from the Database without giving a reason.

No materials or portions of this Service may be copied, duplicated or reproduced in any form without the Service Administrator’s written consent.

The Service reserves the right to introduce changes to the Terms and Conditions that will be binding to both parties once published on the website.

It is prohibited to add any content which breaches the law, including any pornographic or offending religious feelings materials.

It is prohibited to register any websites of escort agencies and alike. Such business records will be removed from the Database.