Cookies files are small portions of text stored on the User’s end device. They contain their original website address, unique ID and storage time.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us mainly:

  • To optimize our online Database and make it easy to use

  • To gather the data and provide the analytics in order to better structure the page and improve the navigation

  • To keep the User logged in during one session

Managing Cookies

The web browser automatically accepts most of the Cookie files. The User has the full access to the settings to change his or her preferences, block, limit or disable Cookies. Please note, that changing the browser’s settings may cause difficulties in using some of the website’s functionalities.

The User who chooses not to change or personalize his or her web browser’s settings, accepts our Cookies Policy and gives consent to use cookie files and store them on the User’s end device.

Some cookie file stored at users’ end devices may be later used by other services, e.g. marketing agencies, research companies or media suppliers.

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